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Product Introduction: Trax provides advanced GPS location for children and pets
By Trax GPS Tracker 2015-01-15
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At the International CES 2015, Sweden-based Wonder Technology Solutions showcased their Trax GPS Tracker product series, which provides advanced location visualizations.

 No limit to number of trackers that can be paired to an account.
 Mobile device tracking is supported.
 Tracking data may be shared between accounts.
 Trax App Augmented Reality View: Uses mobile device camera to display relative position of GPS Tracker within a camera view.
 User-Defined Geofencing with Scheduling: Users can freely edit the shape of a geofencing boundary on a GPS map, and can designate time periods in which specific geofencing boundaries are active. An alert is submitted to mobile devices paired to the tracking account if the tracker crosses a boundary unexpectedly.
 Proximity-to-Self active geofencing feature for use in leash-free pet walking.
 Tracker utilizes GPM/GPRS Quadband communications. Built-in, prepaid SIM card is good for 2 years without payment, and operates in 33 countries. After 2 years, a fee is required.
 Tracker battery is rechargeable via MicroUSB.
 Tracker casing is water and weather resistant to IP65 standards, and is suited to environments between -10 to 40 degrees Celsius.
 Onboard gyroscope, accelerometer, and magnetometer.

The Trax GPS Tracker is currently available in 3 models: the Trax Ping GPS tile, the Trax Mini for pet collars, and the standard-sized Trax GPS Tracker.


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