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Product Introduction: Panamax highlights Power360 Electrical Dock Series
By Panamax 2015-01-15
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At the International CES 2015, Panamax showcased the Power360 (P360) electrical outlet dock series, which features over/under voltage protection technology and USB charging capabilities.

Features include:

 Circle of Protection: An LED indicator that displays ‘protection,’ ‘voltage,’ and ‘wiring’ status.
 Removable USB Chargers: An accessory that can be tethered to desktop / floor models. 2.1A capacity provides charging for up to 2 devices from one module (2 mobile devices or 1 tablet).
 Protect-or-Disconnect: Keeps electronics safe from power spikes.
 SmartGuard: Protects against brownouts and similarly dangerous voltage conditions.
 Signal Line Protection: A coaxial in/out connection that protects the signal for the cable or satellite box, and telephone line protection for DSL or other phone line applications

The P360 series currently contains 3 models: the 6-outlet P360-Dock for walls, the 6-outlet P360-6, and the 8-outlet P360-8.


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