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EnOcean Shows Energy Harvesting Wireless Power for Connected Homes
By Editorial Department 2015-01-13
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EnOcean, a leading energy harvesting wireless technology company, recently announced batteryless solutions for an intelligently connected home powering sub 1GHz and 2.4GHz radio communication. The innovative technology collects free energy from the surrounding environment, for example from linear motion, pressure, light or differences in temperature.

The maintenance-free devices enable users to seamlessly interact with their homes without worrying about service effort or battery disposal. With the act of pressing a switch, the user activates an electromechanical energy converter using the principle of kinetic motion. Other devices such as temperature, humidity and light sensors integrate miniaturized solar cells, harvesting indoor light as a power source.

Batteryless power for sub 1GHz radio
This self-powered wireless sensor modules are already widely used in the building automation and smart home sectors based on a large ecosystem of products. Operating in the sub 1GHz ISM frequency band, the devices offer robustness of transmission through walls, minimal interferences and long-range communication up to 100 feet in builings.

Batteryless power for 2.4GHz radio
This energy harvesting wireless technology powering radio communication in the worldwide open 2.4GHz frequency band meets specific market demands such as consumer LED lighting control. This device is the ideal fit for domestic LED lighting solutions.


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