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Product Introduction: Avi-on Bluetooth Products Replace Wires With Software
By Avi-On 2015-01-13
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In the International CES 2015, Avi-on Labs announced a complete ecosystem of Bluetooth Mesh based residential lighting control products, including the GE branded line of timers and lighting controls by Jasco Products. The products seamlessly integrate into any existing home and can be used with or replace any switch or plug, and may be remotely managed from iOS and Android devices.

The Avi-on Simple Bluetooth ecosystem includes:

• Avi-on Movable Light Switch: A wireless light switch with a multi year battery life.
• Avi-on Remote Access Bridge: A simple Wi-Fi bridge that enables remote management of the Avi-on system and integration with other smart home control systems
• GE Branded Bluetooth Smart Light Dimmer: Easily replaces existing dimming switches with Smart Bluetooth controls.
• GE Branded Bluetooth Smart Light Switch: Replaces existing conventional switches to control lighting, fans and small appliances
• GE Branded Bluetooth Smart Indoor Plug: Remotely controls the on/off status of a light or small appliance with a simple plug in device
• GE Branded Bluetooth Smart Indoor Dimmable Plug: Controls the on/off and brightness level of a dimmable table, floor lamp or indoor holiday lights
• GE Branded Bluetooth Smart Outdoor Plug: Remotely controls the on/off status of outdoor holiday or landscape lights.

Avi-on's proprietary app-cloud-firmware technology extends the functionality of Bluetooth Smart and CSRmesh architecture, delivering wired performance without wires. CSRmesh Bluetooth technology enables all devices to communicate seamlessly throughout the home with no required central gateway.

Manufacturers can bring connected products to market on the Avi-on platform in less than six months. Features of the Avi-on platform include:

• Turnkey app-cloud-firmware and support for lighting and other devices
• Secure cloud and account management for high density environments like apartment buildings
• Vibrant and easy to use iOS and Android Mobile applications
• Instant, one-touch device set-up
• Virtually unlimited users and devices
• Scheduling, timers, grouping and scenes
• Expanded and custom functionality to CSRmesh™
• Optional Wi-Fi bridge + gateway/cloud API
• Numerous patent claims pending


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