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Product Introduction: E FUN launches Nexturn DIY Home Automation Brand
By E FUN 2015-01-12
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Mobile lifestyle provider E FUN has launched Nexturn, a new brand for affordable DIY home automation and monitoring products that permit secure, cloud-based management of the household from a remote iOS or Android device in real time. The range of home installations that presently integrate with Nexturn via ZigBee connectivity includes lighting, HVAC, appliances, security locks on windows, doors, gates, and others – aligned to provide full customizability of comfort, energy efficiency, and security. No monthly subscription is required.


• Enterprise-level IoT cloud service via partnerships with Cisco and other IoT providers.
• Full 128-bit SSL-encryption and PKI-based key exchange end-to-end for maximum security.
• Multi-layer authentication performed by cloud eliminates spoofs, man-in-the-middle, piracy.
• Role-based access control that dictates who can see what and activity logs to facilitate security auditing


• NTKT-001 - Bronze Kit
ZigBee Gateway, Smart Plug, Smart Bulb Converter, 2x Door Sensors, Magnet Binding Bar.
• NTKT-002 - Silver Kit
Bronze Kit + Wireless Switch, 2x Motion Sensors.
• NTKT-003 - Gold Kit
Silver Kit + Wi-Fi IP Camera.


• Smart Bulb Converter - Turns regular bulb into smart bulb.
• Wireless Switch - Controls bulb's ON/OFF status with smart bulb converter
• Smart Plug - Allows remote control on/off with power tracking
• Door/Window Sensor - Provides door/window alert
• Wi-Fi IP Camera - Allows user to view real-time video
• Magnetic Bar - For easily adding more devices


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