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Product Introduction: Umbrela Touch Panel Controller Makes All the Difference
By Umbrela 2015-01-09
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The Umbrela touch panel controller replaces your switches and outlets with smart covers. These virtual switches can control any other switch in your home, like magic- acting as on/off switches, dimmers, or control presets. The combination of Umbrela’s powerful smart lighting capability, combined with high fidelity stereo speakers and beautiful wall effect LEDs give you nearly endless possibilities to set the mood.

When it comes to security, Umbrela has many tricks up its sleeve. Using learning algorithms, Umbrela can simulate presence while you’re away- including turning on lights and music at certain intervals.

Furthermore, Umbrela’s personal tracker can be used to record most anything you’d like – whether it’s weight, calorie intake, insulin levels, or hours of sleep. Umbrela is also the best alarm you’ve ever had, and can wake you up by simulating sunrise, and can help put children to sleep with a lullaby.

This device does not apply cloud service, so privacy issue is not a concern. Last but not least, it can be easily installed using homeplug transmission.


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