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Product Introduction: WeMo expands IoT ecosystem with ZigBee sensor suite
By Belkin 2015-01-08
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A new series of sensors for the Belkin WeMo smart home ecosystem, which communicate with remote mobile devices via the WeMo Link, Wi-Fi-to-Zigbee bridge. Includes a window / door sensor, keychain sensor, alarm sensor and room motion sensor .

• WeMo Door / Window Sensor (F7C038): A magnetic contact sensor
that detects an open or closed state on any window or door in the
home. Works with other WeMo devices and can be programmed to
automate tasks like automatically turning on the air conditioning when
the window is closed by connecting to WeMo Insight Switch

• WeMo Keychain Sensor (F7C039): A small fob to be placed on a
keychain, collar or in a bag that alerts system users as to whether the
fob’s carrier is at home or away, available with customized alerts

• WeMo Alarm Sensor (F7C040): A small audio sensor that sits next
to existing home alarms, notifying users if they are activated via a
mobile alert. Distinguishes between alarm noises and ambient sounds,
reducing the possibility of a false alarm

• WeMo Room Motion Sensor (F7C041): An infrared sensor, immune to
pets, with a 30-foot operation range and 90-degree field of view

• WeMo Water with Echo Technology (F7C042): Algorithmically analyzes
water main vibrations and pressure changes to identify usage time,
duration, and water consumption. Monitors water system and sends
alerts to potentially damage and leaks


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