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Product Introduction: Smartenit Delivers Harmony G1- an Android mini PC that is also a connected home hub
By Smartenit 2014-12-31
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San Juan Capistrano, CA

Smartenit Inc. has embedded their popular ZigBee, INSTEON, WiFi, and X10 home automation platform, into a powerful Android mini PC. The revolutionary concept allows users to run popular streaming media services like Netflix, Hulu, and Pandora on a Smart TV alongside their Smartenit home automation ecosystem.

The micro-sized media set top box packs a multi-core ARM processor, ample memory, Ethernet and WiFi, and comes configurable with various Smartenit automation controllers for a rich variety of network control options. Harmony G1 is wireless and, like other Smartenit gateways, is discoverable through the iSmartenit app, making its setup truly plug-and-play. G1 gives users access to the full Smartenit device ecosystem, including controllers from multiple manufacturers using multiple wireless technologies to address solution areas like water, energy, lighting, monitoring, comfort, and more.

Interfacing with the system is achieved through the free iSmartenit cloud connection service and application, which comes in browser, desktop and mobile versions (both Android and iOS). Discovering devices is automatic and iSmartenit taps into the powerful logic built into Harmony G1 that allows users to set up sophisticated programs and relationships among their devices.

The mini PC, through its HDMI port, allows the transformation of any PC monitor, projector, or TV into a Smart TV. The tight integration with Android allows users to access any number of popular apps while their home automation system runs in the background. Dual USB ports and an SD card slot offer storage expansion and network connectivity can be done either through wired Ethernet or WiFi.

“The Harmony G1 is the revolutionary result of our consistent gateway strategy,” says Al Choperena, Smartenit’s CEO. “We continue to refine the concept of the firmware as the gateway, to make the home automation hub an obsolescence-proof concept rather than tie it to fast-evolving hardware. This is the latest example of adding our gateway firmware to a powerful processor. We are excited about the Android platform and think users will be very pleased with the functionality and value of a smart TV box that also admirably handles their home automation needs. It represents our commitment to enabling anyone to smarten anything wherever they live, work, and play.”


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