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Product Introduction: [International CES 2015] Aeon Labs focuses on minimalist design
By Aeon Labs 2015-01-05
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As smart home technology faces mass-consumer adoption, minimalist design becomes the focus.

The Internet of Things is no longer just an industry, it’s the industry. From Google and Nest to Apple and HomeKit, every company wants a piece of the action and home automation is the buzz topic of CES 2015. But for all the big-idea home automation systems, the accessories that help piece them together are often overlooked.

At CES 2015, IoT accessory producer Aeon Labs proudly unveils the first of its sixth edition products, Smart Switch 6. The sixth Smart Switch, the first was released in 2006, works redeveloped technology along with new and existing features inside a product which now measures just over 2 inches in width and height. That makes it 66% smaller than Aeon Labs’ first smart switch, and smaller than any competing products in the United States and United Kingdom, with a similar story to be told in Aeon Labs’ global marketplace.

Smart Switch 6 continues to offer end users wireless control of their power plugs via the Z-Wave home control standard, along with 99% accurate energy consumption monitoring features. New in the sixth edition are smaller dimensions, an additional USB charging point for smart phones and tablets, and visual feedback for consumers that highlights network connectivity and energy consumption.

Smart Switch 6 will join Aeon Labs’ existing portfolio of near-on 40 Z-Wave devices. It is scheduled for release in the second quarter of 2015, with Aeon Labs targeting Australia, Europe and the United States as key regions for the product’s launch.

Smart Switch 6 highlights.
• 50% smaller than previous edition and 66% smaller than first edition of Smart Switch.
• New feature: USB output on side: charge devices such as iPhone and iPad at a rate of 5V / 1500mA.
• New feature: Smart Switch gets smaller but Aeotec’s LED Ring gets bigger in order to indicate the switch’s settings and power consumption.
• Energy consumption metering in KWH or watts accurate to 99%.
• Part of Gen5 from Aeon Labs.


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