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Product Introduction: [2015 International CES] First Alert to exhibit ONELINK series of smart devices for security to connected home industry
By First Alert 2014-12-25
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From a watch that acts as a personal wellness and protection device to an environment sensor, smoke and carbon monoxide alarm, safe, tracking device and thermostat that can talk to your smartphone, First Alert, the most trusted name in home safety*, is bridging the gap between connected home products and mobile security with a new series of smart devices aimed at simplifying and enhancing people’s comfort, safety and peace of mind. Products in the new First Alert Onelink™ collection operate exclusively with iOS® devices, and are designed to seamlessly integrate with one another to create a comprehensive smart home that can be controlled and monitored from virtually anywhere by a user’s mobile device.

“Since inventing the world’s first residential smoke alarm, First Alert has been at the forefront of emerging technology aimed at helping protect what matters most to our customers,” said Deborah Hanson, director of external affairs for First Alert. “Onelink goes beyond traditional perceptions of safety products and ushers in a new era of interconnectivity between a home’s comfort level and people’s safety and lifestyle preferences.”

Beginning in early 2015, First Alert will roll out a series of new Onelink devices, including:

Onelink Wi-Fi Thermostat – A fully Wi-Fi digital programmable touchscreen thermostat that can be controlled via any iOS device. Users can set schedules for when they are home or away – thereby saving on energy costs without sacrificing comfort. The thermostat also can send notifications to the user via their iPhone or iPad to alert them to any changes in temperature or maintenance requirements, such as the need to replace a filter or schedule service. This smart thermostat also has a multi-functional, easy-to-use programmable touchscreen that doubles as a digital picture frame. It also comes with customizable backgrounds, including the user’s own photos and more than a dozen pre-set themes.

Onelink Wi-Fi Smoke + Carbon Monoxide (CO) Alarm – This 2-in-1 wireless combination smoke and CO alarm offers the latest safety features and sensing technologies that consumers need. The alarm is compatible with existing interconnected hardwired alarms within the home, saving consumers the trouble of having to re-install or purchase all new alarms. The sleek, modern-design alarm uses Bluetooth technology to wirelessly interconnect alarms, and Wi-Fi technology to connect to the user via the mobile app. The alarm also is equipped with a photoelectric smoke sensor to help reduce false alarms caused by smoke from cooking or shower steam. In addition to the ability to test and silence the alarm via the app, it features exclusive voice and location technology to alert users to the type of danger and its location. The power source is a 10-year battery, designed to last the entire life of the alarm and eliminate those late-night low battery “chirps” and costly battery replacements. When the alarm sounds, a notification is automatically sent to the user’s iOS device to alert them to the danger and enables them to call 911 directly from the app.

Onelink Wi-Fi Environment Monitor – This easy-to-use, compact low-level CO monitor with built-in temperature and humidity sensors is a simple and attractive way to gauge a room’s environment, and is particularly useful for temperature in condition-sensitive rooms such as bedrooms and living areas. A multi-color LED ring changes color to indicate shifts in temperature, from blue for too cold, amber for too warm, white for correct temperature and bright red to indicate a CO emergency. Wi-Fi technology provides instant notification of changes to the user’s iOS devices.

Onelink Wi-Fi Safe – This smart safe allows users to quickly, easily – and remotely – unlock their safe using their iOS device, thus eliminating the possibility of lost or forgotten passcodes and battery lockouts. The system also can allow owners to grant access to friends and family, as well as monitor and control when and how often they’re able to open it. A built-in accelerometer detects when the safe is moved and sends a notification to the user’s iOS device. A USB cable can provide a quick power-boost in case of low battery to ensure the safe remains accessible.

Onelink Tracker – The Onelink Tracker is ideal for keeping track of kids, pets or personal belongings. The device sends an automatic notification to the user’s iOS device when the user has been separated a specified distance from the tagged item, preventing it from being left behind, or from someone else walking away with it unnoticed. The device can also act as a home security system. When attached to a door, it can notify the user when the door is opened and closed. The Onelink Tracker will send an alert that asks if the user wants to call 911, alert friends and family, or ignore/turn off.

Onelink Watch – Encompassing both safety and personal wellness, the Onelink Watch can monitor the user’s heart rate, activity level and calories burned, helping them get the most out of their workouts. Designed for comfortable wear for both day and night, the device also monitors and tracks sleep cycles so that you can make changes to your habits and improve sleep quality over time. In keeping with First Alert’s mission of safety, it also acts as a personal safety device, allowing wearers to alert friends and family in case of emergency. With a tap of the screen, users can notify contacts to their status and location.

“As technology continues to play a greater role in our lives, mainstream adoption of smart home devices is inevitable as families look to digital solutions for their personal, comfort and safety needs,” Hanson said. “Onelink products make a connected home accessible to everyone, with intuitive devices that are designed to improve the lives of today’s busy families and people on the go.”


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