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2015 International CES: The CEA predicts 4 major trends to watch for in 2015
By SMAHome Editorial Staff 2015-01-09
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Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) Chief Economist Shawn DuBravac presented a general prospectus on technology trends in the coming year. Outlining the forces shaping the landscape of technological development, DuBravac named the following as "the Five Pillars of Digital Destiny":

• ubiquitous computing
• cheap digital storage
• connectivity
• proliferation of digital devices
• 'sensor'ization of technology

DuBravac poses that the growing prominence of these factors will produce 4 trends that may come to be observable within the coming year, starting with the International CES 2015 this week. The trends may be summarized as follows:


Common objects within our physical environment are gaining digital representation and interactivity with computing systems, as with the outfitting of sensors on appliances and household installations. As a consequence, computing itself will grow to be nearly ubiquitous.


User interfacing is now increasingly sophisticated, evolving towards less effortful and more natural means of human to machine communications such as gesture and speech. The progression of this trend has led to "adaptive customization," whereby machines learn from our behavior and perform automated actions based on our expressed preferences. In the near future, it is likely that technology end-users will experience what DuBravac terms "predictive customization," whereby a machine can automatically anticipate user preferences without explicit instruction.


The reach of the internet will extend beyond the mobile device and the computer, and into such technology as smart thermostats and wearables. As a consequence, the user will gradually become the center of an "Internet of Me" – a paradigm shift in the general computing experience.


Categorical revenues from consumer electronics will shift, with the five most presently prominent CE categories falling in total market share to make room for growth due to innovation in current and past minority categories. In part, this transformation comes of the digitization of products from adjacent industries.


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