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2015 International CES: Umbrela introduces all-in-one luxury smart home device using HomePlug technology
By Umbrela 2015-01-08
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Umbrela is a square console with anodized aluminum housing and a 7-inch high definition touch screen that allows users to interface with intuitive yet powerful software. In addition, the built-in noise cancelling microphones enable homeowners to interact with Umbrela using voice commands.

Up to four switches can be wired to a single Umbrela unit, and each switch can be turned on/off or dimmed from the touch screen. The built-in power metering keeps track of energy use information.

“Umbrela is beautiful and elegant” says Salman Qureshi, a veteran hardware development professional and Umbrela CEO. “It’s a value added upgrade to your house. Umbrela is installed at the site of old switches and becomes permanent part of the house. This means users do not have to find shelves or put hooks on walls to mount various gadget.”

“Why should users pay on monthly basis” asked Filipe Fernandes, an expert electronics designer and Umbrela co-founder. “Umbrela is a powerful security which does not require third party monitoring. This means users do not have to pay any monthly fees. Umbrela’s combination of lighting control and learning algorithms can simulate homeowner presence and fool the bad guys. But that’s not all. Umbrela also uses the built-in cameras, sensors and mics to instantly detect intrusions and send a verified notification in the event of a break-in.”

Umbrela turns a normal wall into giant reflector and streams music through built-in high fidelity stereo speakers and light effects with built-in colorful LED lighting.

Umbrela has an HVAC Bridge which replaces the thermostat. Built-in environmental sensors enable Umbrela to monitor and enhance comfort from any room.

Umbrela smart home is expandable, where users can add additional Umbrela units to increase coverage. Umbrela uses HomePlug technology for high bandwidth communication over existing power lines so that users do not have to worry about signal drop, signal range, intermittent connection, slow response due to bandwidth choking, and potential health hazards from radiation generated by wireless devices.

“All family members and guests can use Umbrela without the need to connect their smart phones.” says Ryan Ramchandar, co-founder and VP of Software Development. “This means users can also replace their smart phones without worrying about the loss of the smart phone functionalities. However, Umbrela does have an app which provides all the controls through a smart phone as well.”



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