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2015 International CES: Zonoff demonstrates new product integrations and platform innovations
By Zonoff 2015-01-07
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Zonoff, creators of the Zonoff Connected Home Software Platform, will be exhibiting the latest advancements to its platform during CES 2015 at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino. The demo suite will feature a full-sized smart home display to show the latest innovations of the Staples Connect home automation system, as well as demos of new product integrations and software features.

The suite will also feature multiple demonstration areas that will showcase the business-focused advantages of the Zonoff Connected Home Software Platform. Examples include interactive push notifications controllable by channel partners; in-app advertising and email campaigns to end users of the system; device usage and app engagement analysis; and opportunities for add-on/premium services such as video storage.

In addition, Zonoff will be demonstrating the following use cases:
• Integration with premium smart TV's that allow for control of your connected devices through your smart TV
• Ambient alerts with industry leading CE manufacturers including ambient alerts on smart TVs and via home audio systems
• Integration with security panels enabling the panel to communicate with other connected devices and be controlled through a unified app

Zonoff, which recently raised $31.8M in Series B funding, is the software platform that powers Staples Connect. Zonoff's software platform includes apps for all devices, cloud storage and remote access, as well as embedded software for the home control hub, manufactured by D-Link. Zonoff and the Staples Connect home automation solution were also recently chosen as a 2015 CES Innovation Award Honoree for excellence in the SmartHome product category based on the integrated Staples Connect platform which includes the physical hub, cloud services and management, and app architecture and UX.

"CES 2015 will represent another major step forward for the connected home market," said Mike Harris, CEO of Zonoff. "We are witnessing a blurring of the lines between home automation, home entertainment, and home security, and we are excited to introduce our newest feature sets and advancements designed to make the smart home a reality for the mass market consumer."



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