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2015 International CES: Sen.se Announces Opening of its API and Platform to Infinitely
By Sen.se 2015-01-07
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Mother & the Motion Cookies is based on a simple principle: unique sensors with many functions that change according to the user’s needs and desires. Mother discourages the need for specialized devices: one sensor can serve many different purposes. Simply select a Sense App, in the proposed list and the sensor will be programmed automatically to serve the selected function.

“2014 was the age of versatility, demonstrating that it was possible to do a lot with just one sensor. This year, we are going even further by entering the age of creativity,” said Rafi Haladjian, Sen.se’s CEO and co-founder. “The Internet of Things will become mature with the multiplication of applications and uses which is the only way to determine which functions and services will still make sense in the long term. For the Internet of Things to develop, it is more efficient to have a device that allows the user to do hundreds of things rather than hundreds of devices with one function each. Our versatile sensors are a means to accelerate this development by allowing as many participants as possible into the creation of its uses.”

Public API
In February 2015, Sen.se’s API will be made public, targeting different audiences and addressing different purposes.

- Creating new SenseApps
The API will first and foremost allow third party developers to create new SenseApps in order to offer new uses and functions to the sensors. Those SenseApps will be accessible to every user, appear in Sen.se’s Appstore (free or for a recurring fee) and on the user’s Senseboard and will offer a uniform experience with the user’s other SenseApps.

- Importing the Cookies' Data into Third Party Applications
Developers will also be able to use the API to import the sensors and SenseApps’ data to third party Apps and platforms. Sen.se platform will then be able to alert a user in real time whenever the desired event occurs: a door opening, a medicine intake, an individual wakes up, an individual’s arrival or departure, etc. These varied events drawn from users’ daily lives will be able to significantly enrich the behavior of other systems in real time.

- Branded SenseApps
Brands and enterprises will be able to suggest “Branded SenseApps” that will promote their expertise and enrich their products’ consumption. Those SenseApps will be accessible to every user of Sen.se’s sensors. They can be available in less than three months, the necessary amount of time for the development of a SenseApp. For example, a mineral water brand will be able to offer a SenseApp that can measure the quantity of water intake by simply placing a Cookie on a water bottle and dispense useful advice regarding proper hydration.

- Products and Accessories « Cookie Ready »
In addition to the “Branded SenseApp”, brands will be able to suggest products or accessories designed to accommodate a sensor easily and safely. For example, a pet food brand will be able to include in the package a dog collar with a provided slot for the user’s Cookie to allow him/her to measure his/her dogs’ daily activity and presence

- Products « Cookie Inside »
When the products’ sales price allows it, Sen.se’s sensors will be able to be directly integrated in a product. The latter will thus be sold with the sensors and its associated service. For example, a brand of bedding will be able to offer mattresses with integrated Cookies that will give the user the opportunity to know his/her sleep quality every morning.

Open Sen.se Platform
Sen.se is also opening its platform to enable the interaction between the sensors and SenseApps and other connected devices the user may have, enabling the apps to trigger particular actions on these objects. For example: the Presence SenseApp will be able to ask the Nest thermostat to lower the temperature when no one is home. The Sleep SenseApp will be able to act on the bedroom lights…

A Sen.se channel will also be available on the IFTTT website in order to allow users to use the sensors and SenseApps’ data in conjunction with other channels available on the IFTTT platform and thus indefinitely expand Sen.se’s field of possibilities.

DIY SenseApps
Those simple SenseApps give users the possibility to create their own use cases. With no pre-requisites needed, the SenseApps were designed to be used by anyone. Their uses are only limited by one’s imagination.

The first three DIY Apps are:
- Check (available)
The user places a Cookie on the object of his/her choice and is alerted whenever the object moves. The movements’ history and regularity are displayed on the Senseboard, and can be viewed on any device. Examples: protect precious objects, being notified when there’s mail in the mailbox, observe the frequency of the cat’s food intake, etc.

- Miss (Q1 2015)
The user places a Cookie on the object of his/her choice and is alerted if the object has not moved for a particular amount of time or at a particular moment in time. Examples: the door did not open at the usual time when the kids should have been home, an elderly person living alone has not performed one of his/her regular routines in a particular amount of time, the gym bag has not moved in three weeks, etc.

- Up & Down (Q1 2015)
The user places a Cookie on an object that moves vertically. He/she is alerted when the object moves either up or down. The user can check the object’s position at any time. Examples: garage door opening, position of Velux windows, etc.


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