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2015 International CES: GoldKey Corporation launches GoldKey Soft-Tokens to provide private data protection with a simple download
By GoldKey Corporation 2015-01-06
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GoldKey Corporation announced the launch of GoldKey Soft-Tokens. According to some industry experts, this new technology will have a revolutionary impact on how users will protect private data in the emerging cyber-world.

Government and enterprise users have relied on GoldKey Security tokens for the past 14 years, to provide military-grade encryption to protect sensitive files and data. Now, with the announcement of GoldKey Soft-Tokens, this same robust security solution is available to protect all users.

According to GoldKey founder and CEO, Dr. Roger Billings, “From the very beginning, the demand for GoldKey security with private users has been great, but most computer devices today do not have a USB interface that can be used to connect a GoldKey token. There had to be a way to incorporate GoldKey into a form that could be downloaded into a mobile device without compromising the security. It has taken five years of intensive research, but now we have the solution.”

GoldKey Soft-Tokens can be downloaded and installed on iPhones, Android devices, Windows and Mac computers. The technology behind the process is complicated, but to the user, it is as simple as installing any basic App, and it is FREE.

With the GoldKey Soft-Token installed, a user can securely authenticate to websites and decrypt files from secure vaults in the cloud. The GoldKey solution is a complete solution. Premium users can send and receive encrypted emails, and have private encrypted conversations over their existing cell phones.

“This is a major technology achievement,” according to Yuri Spiro, Publisher of Computer Technology Review. “There is such a crying demand for a way to lock the Cyber-World, and the GoldKey Soft-Token is the right technology at the right time.”

As the featured technology of the Cyber Security Marketplace exhibit at CES, GoldKey is launching the new Soft-Tokens with the first-of-its-kind wrist cell phone called the GoldKey Secure Communicator. This is the first security device ever to fit on the wrist like a watch while incorporating a completely independent cell phone capable of encrypted and completely private telephone conversations, a high definition video camera, and so much more. The “Gold Coms” are already in full production and shipping to customers.

The Cyber Security Marketplace is located in the LVCC South Hall, exhibit number 20542. A special press conference kicking off the launch will be held on January 6th at 11 am in the LVCC South Hall Connector, room S227-A.


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