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[International CES 2015] Vera Control to unveil 2 new Controllers and 2 new Smarter Home services
By Vera Control 2014-12-27
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January 6, 2015—Vera Control, a MiOS company, is introducing two new Smarter Home Controllers and two new services to complement their new Smarter Home line of products during the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.


The new controllers will extend the product line started in November 2014 with the introduction of the VeraEdge. The new controllers, the VeraPlus and the VeraSecure, will add multiple radios and additional security features.

"Building on the sales success of the VeraEdge, we are adding multiple radios and security features that will address the diversity of customer's wants and needs in this fast growing market. Our primary focus has been to unify the different technologies in the market, and deliver a simple, easy to use solution. We don't believe that the consumer should be put in the position of having to figure out which of the technologies to adopt. Rather, we believe that the consumer should be focused on what they want to do in their home or office, and select the devices that will deliver their specific needs," says Lew Brown, President of MiOS.
"Our vision has always been to deliver a simple user experience. These new Controllers extend that vision. The power of Vera isn't what you can do, it's what you no longer have to do. We are focused on what Smarter Home Control is really about, solving problems for our customers and delivering them comfort, safety, and peace of mind."
The new controllers will be introduced at CES and deliveries will begin in the second quarter of 2015.


The new services include Central Security Monitoring and Advanced Camera Management.

"Central Security Monitoring has historically been based on high monthly fees and long term contracts. We are responding to market demand for an alternative service offering at lower monthly fees and no long term contracts. Our service will be based on a simple and affordable self-set up model that allows us to be disruptive in the market. We will be charging $19.95 per month without a contract, and will make this service available for any of our Vera users. Our national monitoring service will be integrated into our current user interface so that all of the devices in a user’s home can be monitored by our central service for safety and security concerns. This brings Smarter Home Control to a new level of safety and security," said Lew Brown, President of MiOS.

"In addition, our Advanced Camera Management Service will not only allow users to identify specific zones within their home that will be recorded and stored, but will also allow Vera users to connect to many popular cloud storage services, such as Apple’s iCloud Drive, Google Drive or Microsoft’s OneDrive, to save their video security data without having to add any additional storage fees. MiOS will include both storage and data transfer plans to the other features of our Advanced Camera Management Service. The service will be available in April."


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