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Germany, Spain & U.K. most willing to adopt the smart home
By Editorial Department 2014-12-19
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In a recent report by Parks Associates titled “Emerging Power of IoT in Europe,” Director of research Brett Sappington said that there is an uptrend of smart device adoption in Spain and the U.K. where both markets are currently outpacing the U.S.

Both markets stand in between 67 to 69 percent in terms of broadband home coverage, of which there is at least one Internet-connected consumer electronic, according to the report.

In Europe, smart TVs are a proving ground for Internet-connected consumer electronics. For instance, Germany displayed a surprising high concentration of connected TVs at 44 percent, compared to the rest of its neighboring countries.

To date, TV operators such as HBO and BSkyB are offering their OTT services to households in Europe in a bid to grab a portion of the region’s burgeoning connected entertainment sector. Other operators including Swisscom, Orange and Liberty Global are also joining on the frenzy by unleashing series of OTT video services to paid TV subscribers and non-subscribers.

Smart Home and IoT Convergence
While home automation is catching on in Europe, the demographic for such adoption varies from country to country. For example, in terms of home security systems, the U.K. poses 24 percent adoption while Spain stands at 16 percent, followed by Germany’s mere 7 percent.

As a fertile ground for mass adoption and development, the three aforementioned countries find smart home systems appealing, with safety and convenience as the key motivators of interest. Smoke detection and smart door/window sensors currently stand at the top of adoption pyramid.

Amongst the countries surveyed in the report, early adopters in Germany, Spain and the U.K. posed 10 to 35 percent of the willingness to make a smart home purchase. The observation indicates that effort is still needed to educate the public about smart home.

However, interoperability is still the number one concern amongst broadband households in Europe, standing at 80 percent of those surveyed, according to the report by Parks Associates.

With the vast array of protocols such as ZigBee, Z-Wave, and as such floating above the IoT sphere today, integration is key to promoting the blossoming smart home playing field in Europe.

Source: Parks Associates


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