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DIY home security leader iWatchLife announces Black Friday blowout sale
By iWatchLife 2014-11-27
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iWatchLife, a leader in the do-it-yourself remote home video security and monitoring industry, announced the beginning of its Black Friday sale, featuring the company’s best prices of the year.

According to Maureen Campbell, Director of Marketing and Communications for iWatchLife, “There’s never been a better time to get DIY home video monitoring. If you want to feel more secure this holiday season, if you want to be able to see what’s going on at your home when you’re not there, with Activity Recognition and real-time alerts, this is the time. Our 40%-off-everything sale is simply our best deal of the year.”

Do-it-yourself remote home video monitoring is a relatively recent phenomenon, made possible by technological advances in IP cameras and video analytics software.

“This is the proverbial idea whose time has come,” asserts Ms. Campbell. “People are becoming more and more aware of the advantages of DIY remote home monitoring, and it’s now very affordable for ordinary consumers. No longer do you have to wonder what’s happening at home when you can’t be there, whether anyone has entered your home or yard, how your elderly parents are doing, whether the contractors showed up when they said they would, or if the dog is behaving himself. Now consumers can have full control, and know exactly what’s going on at home, the cottage, or their small business.”

In times past, only professionals could install security systems, for prices that made sense only for the affluent. The arrival of affordable wireless IP cameras changed everything, because they are easy to set up and don’t require wires to be fished through walls. The wireless cameras can be placed just about anywhere.

Advances have been made in software as well as hardware, though. Ms. Campbell points out, “iWatchLife is more than just a simple service that lets consumers view a live feed of their homes. We provide easy-to-use, Activity Recognition technology that lets customers draw custom zones within the camera’s field of view around what they specifically want to monitor. When activity happens in those zones, the camera will record, and the system will simultaneously send an email notification in real time, with a photo of the triggering activity attached. Customers can then log in and view the live feed or the recorded event for themselves, and decide if anything needs to be done.”

According to Ms. Campbell, Activity Recognition has two major benefits for consumers. “First, it cuts down dramatically on false alerts because it filters out meaningless activity. Second, it means the camera only records when triggered, rather than continuously, which puts a real strain on consumers’ spare time (because they have to sift through hours of uneventful video) and their bandwidth. iWatchLife allows its users to enjoy their free time and their bandwidth— watching movies and playing online games, even if they have multiple cameras.”

The 40%-off-everything sale applies to iWatchLife’s Starter and Essential Service plans, as well as to the Samsung SNH-1011 IP SmartCam. Shipping is free, and the company offers a 30-day, money-back guarantee.

“I think consumers will be genuinely impressed by the value here,” says Ms. Campbell. “They can get up and running with a camera and a Starter plan for $100. They will also see the tremendous time savings the service can offer.


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