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Billion Electric leverages power measurement capability for smarter home energy management
By Cindy Lin 2014-12-23
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With over 40 years of experience in power supply products and over 20 years in the communication field, Billion Electric is uniquely positioned among networking companies that are making their way into the smart home.

The company started to develop its smart grid solutions about five years ago, where it leverages its strength in power supply and communication to spear ahead in the game. With smart grid at its core, Billion Electric has extended its business to include home automation and smart energy management by adding functionality and bringing higher levels of integration to existing stand-alone products and services. The BEsmart Product Series launched by the company includes the smart energy gateway, smart power plug, smart energy meters, ZigBee control box, and smart lighting switch, and can be controlled via the BEsmart mobile app or the cloud. The company’s home gateways pass ZigBee SEP (Smart Energy Profile) standard.

As a provider of smart home gateways, Billion Electric plays the important role of bridging system integrators, distributors or utility firms with device suppliers in the smart home supply chain. This is achieved through incorporating the necessary hardware as well as building the appropriate firmware into their smart home gateways, so that the gateways can talk to various devices and standardize the data sent from these devices. This data can then be sent to the databases of system integrators, distributors or utility firms.

By providing a ready-to-use platform based on its smart home gateways, Billion Electric is able to find its place in the smart home supply chain. The strategy that Billion Electric undertakes is one of collaboration rather than competition. “As the smart home involves many different areas of expertise, most companies cannot make all the smart devices alone. We are open to partnerships with other companies in the smart home market as well as cooperation with cloud-based service providers”, said Jason Liao, Deputy Manager of the Product Management Department in the Power & Energy Management Division of Billion Electric.

Besides selling products and services under its own name, Billion Electric also supplies modules or gateways to partners in regions like Australia and South America. For instance, Billion Electric supplies energy consumption measurement and communication modules to smart meter companies. The company launched its smart home gateways in 2012 and now supplies them to system integrators in South America. Looking to the future, Billion Electric hopes to partner with telecommunication firms to expand market reach.


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