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Foscam: The Focused Entrepreneur - PART 3
By Editorial Department 2014-11-21
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Defining the market
This year, Foscam has toppled RMB200 million in sales revenue. Wang projects a 30% growth next year. Putting the figures aside, Wang shared his insights to leading the company. “It is not possible for us to do everything. The challenge for me is to steer the company in the right direction because so far there are no 100% successful business models in IP cameras.”

According to Wang, the home camera market goes in two directions: consumer electronics (CE) and semi-professional. The IP camera plays the role as toy-like computer accessory in the CE market, while in the semi-professional market, the camera is still very easy-to-use but has more integration capabilities such as storage or connected control. “As a professional supplier and not a device manufacturer, we have to clearly define the market and set the corresponding strategy or tactics for future developments. Frankly speaking, Foscam works on both markets now. We are keeping a watchful eye on the market,” said Wang.

Last but not least, Wang appreciates the teamwork at Foscam. “Like the leader guiding a flock of cranes, when it becomes tired or ill, another takes its place and continues the journey. Metaphorically speaking, I would like to see Foscam in such spirit, sharing ideas mutually and jointly pushing the business forward.”

ShenZhen Foscam Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading professional high-tech company providing IP video product and solutions in China.

Founded in 2007 and headquartered in Shenzhen, China with operations spanning across the globe. Foscam has established a system of business channels in Germany, the United States, Britain, Italy, Singapore, India, France and Canada, with more than 30 partner countries and regions. To date, their products have been exported to over 60 countries.

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