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Skywatch: Because Intelligent Surveillance Should Be Accessible to Everyone
By Skywatch 2014-11-05
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Corporate: Skywatch Innovation Inc.
Brand: Skywatch
Product: Camera, Software Design, Other
Country: Taiwan
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Skywatch is an IP camera and online video storage service that offers intelligent, hassle-free surveillance solutions. With years of experience in the servicing of small businesses and households and a distribution channel that covers 5 continents and more than 20 nations, Skywatch is capable of providing video data relevant to the end-user precisely as the need arises.

Skywatch provides simple and sturdy cameras that are easily installed and require minimal maintenance – suitable for any end-user needs, both indoors and outdoors. These cameras are designed specifically, both in terms of costs and performance, to meet the needs of small businesses, families, and the distributors that provide for them.

Skywatch manages and monitors the cloud recording service backend, freeing distributors and end-users alike from the management of recording equipment. As the services can be managed entirely through the cloud-based interface, it largely becomes unnecessary for Skywatch distributors to retain a separate IT maintenance staff.

The adoption of standard network connection rather than proprietary ones frees the end-user from any restrictions in service expansion, and this makes Skywatch an elastic service that is particularly suitable for growing businesses.

To ensure stable recording using consumer grade Internet connections, Skywatch is designed to be able to record even in the absence of network connections. To this end, video data are stored in the camera SD card when a network disruption occurs, and retransmitted when a connection becomes available (SureRecord). This persists right up to the very last few second, even if the relevant hardware becomes damaged to the point of inoperability.

Taking full advantage of its cloud backend, the Skywatch service frees end-users from the need to click through lengthy videos just to find what they're looking for. Aside from traditional emails or smartphone push alerts, cloud-based data analytics also intelligently recognizes notable activities in the video, and produces variable speed time-lapsed videos in accordance to the event level. Recorded data can then be instantly shared to any user who is granted access.

The Skywatch service has announced its intentions to further expand its repertoire of end-user data analytics tools. Video Synopsis, Content Analysis, Object and Action Recognition, Visual Search, and Object Counting are currently in the stages of research and development, and may become available via the cloud in the near future.

With the release of the RESTful API, Skywatch has also expressed a strong interest in integrating its products with other service providers. By engaging in strategic partnerships, they aim to expand their cross-platform compatibility toward the creation of a comprehensive Internet of Things (IoT).


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