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Savant offers personalized home automation in an elegant and easy way
By Weili Lin 2014-09-12
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Savant is one of the fast-growing luxury home automation company. Its distribution network spans over 35 countries globally, including China, Europe, India, Middle East, Turkey, etc. The largest market is still located in the US. The company illustrated its view toward the home automation industry and introduced us its new app for a personalized home control experience. “Safety, security, climate control and entertainment are four pillars of home automation, said “Tim McInerney, Director of Product Marketing. “We integrate home entertainment, security, lighting and climate control into our new app. We want to have a single app home. Use one app to control your home no matter what technologies you are using, added McInerney.

Savant launched a new app and focuses on making sophisticated control personalized and easy to use. The company thinks that people want to use their personal mobile devices to control their homes. Savant cares about customer experience, and tries to give them what they want in an elegant and easy way. For example, its app allows homeowners to easily create, capture, and schedule “scenes make people easier to understand, and to program their setting on their own. Users can have personalized setting under different scenarios like party, Friday night, sunset and etc. Easy to set up is as important as easy to use. Savant claims its solution enables installers to program from others’ systems by only a few hours.

McInerney believes the home automation market is booming tremendously. The market is growing so fast, so many companies jumped in like Nest Labs. Savant is open to the suppliers, and work with as many partners as possible.

Savant also works on more economic devices to make their systems more affordable. The high-end Savant host can control 144 rooms of audio, 64 thermostats, 1,000 switches. It launched a mid-end host controlling 12 rooms of audio, 200 switches and 6 thermostats. It’s an IP-based system supporting Wi-Fi and Z-Wave antenna. There is a wired and cost-down version called SMARTCONTROL 3. It supports IP and WiFi networking, and features IR, RS-232, relay interfaces.


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