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Chuango: Bringing smart home tech to ordinary families - PART 3
By Editorial Department 2014-09-25
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With ever-increasing demand for wireless DIY security and smart home systems, Li is rather excited about the next three to five years. “Our sales are forecast to grow by more than 100% per year over the next few years, with multiple product development and business development teams all over the world unleashing their creative potential collaboratively. We’re also open to OEM/ ODM possibilities.” To keep channel and end customers interested and engaged, Chuango is constantly on the lookout for the right fit and talent for “glocalized” development.

Cloud-based technology and smart touch devices are promising exponential growth, and Chuango and smanos are poised to expand their portfolio and footprint beyond security to automation, lighting, energy management, entertainment and safety/ health-monitoring devices. “The ability to control a multifunctional system using a smartphone app, coupled with a unique and fashionable product design and interface, is a winning combination,” Li exclaimed. “Technology allows us to reach far beyond average, middle-aged homeowners. For example, we can effortlessly tailor our offerings or user experience to specific market segments, such as telecom operators, student dorms and luxury yachts.” In China, Chuango is piloting the sales of home-use IP cameras together with alarm and safety devices through an online-to-offline retail model, with concept stores opening in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Zhengzhou, Chengdu and more cities that allow end users to experience Chuango smart home wonders before placing orders on site or online.

The proliferation of wearable technology is another area that Chuango is keeping an eye on. “Wearable devices, to me, are part of our industry development, as they are designed to make life easier and more convenient,” Li said. “There is no doubt that finding ways to satisfy needs of security, safety, comfort and convenience is the way forward, and we’re more than ready!” Smart home is no exact science, but a unique combination of art and technology. It is Li’s vision that Chuango and smanos products can blend in any ordinary family and be part of their day-to-day life.

Like Li, the entire Chuango global team is dynamic, fast-paced and always ready to react to various customer demands and feedback, with award-winning product designs and features that reflect Chuango’s core competence and value. “We are bringing innovative, easy-to-use and aesthetically pleasing products to market, and our offerings ensure significant value and profitability for those who are prepared to put the effort in and grow with us.”

Development milestones :
- 2001: Founded in Fuzhou, China in a 9 sq.m./ 100 sq.ft. garage
- 2003: Introduced surface mount technology (SMT) to system mass production
- 2006: Started system exports, especially to the U.S. and Japan
- 2008: Market traction in Europe and Asia
- 2010: Production lines expanded to Shenzhen - - 2013:
‧ Inception of smanos, a new smart home tech brand
‧ Established Chuango Europe in Amsterdam and Chuango Taipei Innovation Center
- 2014: Company IPO and further expansions

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