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Chuango: Bringing smart home tech to ordinary families - PART 2
By Editorial Department 2014-09-24
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ICT AND QA READY Chuango is also fortifying its software development (system controls, apps and cloud) and IP communication footing, with the establishment and expansion of the Taipei, Amsterdam and very soon Silicon Valley teams. The satellite teams will be working closely with Fuzhou, Shenzhen and Dongguan to expedite time-to-market with respect to next-gen wireless, 4G and cloud solutions. Another machine-to-machine (M2M, or IoT) R&D team is also up and running in Fuzhou, alongside the quality assurance team that ensures international production processes and mass production requirements are met.

For Chuango, it is never just a saying. “When we say we want the best for our customers, we deliver. As we embark on this journey of global marketing and branding, our vision and pursuit for perfection are not limited to local standards; we devise the toughest quality assurance tests possible on all our production lines and products, and are working to extend our warranties from two years to three to five.”

Industry reshuffling is imminent, with tech giants and startups as well as security conglomerates coming into the picture. Chuango is laser-focused and has a clear vision and development path, with users and market demands in mind. “We know what our priorities are and will keep doing what we do best,” Li said.

GAME CHANGERS Healthy competition is good for any industry. With increased media coverage on the smart home, the industry and market are poised for further maturation and growth, and only the best of the best will remain standing. “Nevertheless, Chuango remains open-minded and opens its arms to any type of collaboration, be it with security and automation juggernauts or startups with brilliant ideas. We’re looking for sustainable growth, not just one-year wonders,” Li said. While the likes of Apple and Google pose a potential threat, Chuango is more interested in how they tackle users’ problems and adjust go-to-market strategies. “Our strength builds on the fact that we have been exploring the smart home for 14 years, and we are one of the few that can provide integrated hardware and software solutions, with localized support and services.”

The future of the smart home will be about integrating security and safety systems, electronic and appliance controls, and entertainment units with wireless and information technologies. “Chuango will continue to work on striking that perfect balance among security, comfort, convenience, personalization, usability and affordability. At International CES 2015, we will be announcing an all new, all-around smart home system that thinks for you, realizing the ultimate simplicity in system setup, operation and user experience,” Li shared excitedly. “We will also be working closely with industry-leading IC provider Silicon Labs, to bring its sub-GHz module solutions to life by empowering our clients and end users with smarter, connected homes.”

At the moment, Western Europe and the U.S. are Chuango’s and smanos’ biggest revenue contributors, and “emerging” markets such as Eastern Europe, Russia and CIS, East Asia, ANZ, the Middle East, Africa and LatAm are just ripe for further business development. “For even more detailed market analyses and tailored services, we will hire a few more business development professionals in the U.K., France, Germany and Italy, with ICT distribution and retail channels remaining our major route to market,” Li added. “With dedicated, local sales and marketing efforts, our highly flexible, compatible, affordable DIY solutions, such as security and automation, lighting controls, and energy and health management, are well on their way to become local favorites.”

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Founded in Fuzhou, China in 2001, Chuango Security Technology Corporation is a trendsetting innovator and dynamic developer of wireless smart home and DIY security systems. The company, along with its new smart home brand smanos , is rapidly expanding its global footprint and solution portfolio, with products and systems researched in Fuzhou, Taipei and Silicon Valley, designed in Shenzhen and Amsterdam, created and packaged in Dongguan, and brought to life worldwide. In keeping its promise of simple security, smart innovation and ultimate user experience, Chuango fuses technology and design into human-centric products to provide affordable, easy-to-use smart home solutions to residential and recreational property owners in all corners of the globe.
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