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Chuango: Bringing smart home tech to ordinary families - PART 1
By Editorial Department 2014-09-23
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Established in 2001 by Ken Li and his late father Lee, Chuango Security Technology Corporation specializes in radio frequency technology and wireless smart home systems, ranging from DIY security and home automation to energy and health management. When Chuango began making radio signal antennae and security alarm systems, it operated mostly as an original equipment manufacturer (OEM), supplying to distributors, resellers and alarm-monitoring companies in China, Japan and the U.S. Then came 2010, the company expanded its production lines from Fuzhou to Shenzhen, doubling its capacity to accommodate accelerated sales growth.

In 2013, Chuango achieved another milestone that catapulted the company to the road of branding: the G5 GSM/ SMS RFID Touch Alarm System won the Product of the Year Award (Intruder Alarm or Exterior Deterrent Category) from IFSEC & FIREX Awards. “Winning this prestigious award certainly means a lot to us as it recognizes our commitment and continuous dedication to providing innovative solutions to our customers,” said Ken Li, founder and CEO of Chuango. “For the show’s 40-year history, the category award winner has never been an Asian brand, nada. I believe our young, energetic and creative team will continue to spice things up in the industry and markets worldwide.”

After stealing the show, the company swiftly shifted its business model and focus to introduce more private-label and branded products directly to distributors and retailers, etching another mark in its rapid transformation. “Developing consumer electronic-like DIY smart home systems requires a lot of investment in R&D and constant market studies and promotions, which cannot be sustained by the not-so-profitable OEM/ODM business. If we want to break free from the shackles of a stereotypical Asian OEM, we must grow with times to achieve something greater,” Li said. “Many manufacturers change products or marketing strategies passively. We lead by thinking differently, making adjustments proactively, and we always introduce fresh elements to everything that we do.”

Thanks to Chuango’s accelerated year-on-year revenue and personnel growth, the company has the resources and ammunitions to further build its research facilities, outside of Fuzhou and Shenzhen, in Taipei, Amsterdam and – in the near future – Silicon Valley to sustain its brand development of Chuango and smanos, as well as category development from burglar alarm (Chuango) to residential surveillance, health and energy management, and smart home (smanos).

EXTENDING PRODUCTION PROWESS With the go-to -market strategy expanding from fulfilling orders for importers and resellers to include mainstream distribution and retail channels, Chuango is in need of even greater production capacity. “We acquired a 2,000-square-meter production plant in the Changan district of Dongguan in June, and the facility just went online in August,” Li shared. “Before we grow our product categories, we’re already anticipating more diverse system and accessory requirements yet shorter lead time due to intensifying competition, so that’s why we acquired the Changan facility in the first place. Another reason is that the smart home market is even more demanding on the product aesthetics and design detail. While we’ve had our in-house industrial design team all these years, molding and plastic injection were always outsourced, until now.”

This new 2,000-square-meter or 20,000-square-foot production base ensures streamlined development and production flows, not to mention further strengthened quality assurance procedures along the way, from design, molding and injection to production and assemblies. “Changan is the center of the molding universe, and we’re confident in having one of the best teams in the industry to meet all future demands, with enhanced production capacity and quality,” Li stressed. The facility is just an hour away from Shenzhen, for easy logistics and convenient customer visits.

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Founded in Fuzhou, China in 2001, Chuango Security Technology Corporation is a trendsetting innovator and dynamic developer of wireless smart home and DIY security systems. The company, along with its new smart home brand smanos , is rapidly expanding its global footprint and solution portfolio, with products and systems researched in Fuzhou, Taipei and Silicon Valley, designed in Shenzhen and Amsterdam, created and packaged in Dongguan, and brought to life worldwide. In keeping its promise of simple security, smart innovation and ultimate user experience, Chuango fuses technology and design into human-centric products to provide affordable, easy-to-use smart home solutions to residential and recreational property owners in all corners of the globe.
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